Supplier Diversity program

The supplier diversity program on offer from our end is a key feature of our services. We look to offer you economic development via direct purchasing power, mentoring, creating network or even via sponsorship. We go to the extent of purchasing goods or services directly from certified minority business houses. We even offer you clients the best of qualified diverse suppliers and that helps to bring to your business just that basic competitive edge. You get just that cost effective but innovative solution for your business.

Staffing Industry Analysts

We offer you the benefits of independent and objective insights for the betterment of your business. We offer you proprietary research, award winning content, the best of data support tools or even the perfect executive conference. It is these factors, which give your business that edge in a competitive industry. If you are engaged in temporary buying or selling of staffing, we are there to help you out.

Outbound Logistics Solutions

This service is another innovative feature from our end because here the focus is to help OBL clients to turn their existing processes into competitive advantage. We look to offer solutions, which cover the physical and information aspect of the OBL process. We closely monitor the real time computation of ideal performance indicators. We go ahead to support the entire OBL value chain. It is not only that but the associated IT applications and infrastructure, which receive our valuable support.

Field services management:

We even offer solid support to manage field service operations of you manufacturer. We offer you first time service provisioning or an effective service staff management. Just in case you intend to shift from transitional equipment to service based delivery models, we are there to guide you at every stage. We offer you an insight into the world of digital technology. Our package boasts of plug and play, which offers manufacturers, field service capability with the use of Cognizant intellectual property.


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